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Surrounded by zillion liters of water, yet water needed for human consumption and agriculture sums up to a mere 2% of the total water resources. Yes, we are coping up on desalination techniques but it bleeds energy and finances without a sustainable output. So the next best thing is conserving water, saving every little that matters.

Lack of freshwater for irrigation plays havoc to reduced productions and overall food shortages. Over the years, we have been exploring all possible ways to combat with the issue of water shortage affecting plant life and eventually came up with a solution for harness irrigated water, and reduce water wastage and run-offs. We came up with a prevailing hydrogel technology and made it better. We tailor made to suit agricultural needs, a product which does not contribute to phyto-toxicity, does not compromise on the needs of the plants, but does its only job of preserving water for the plants exceedingly well.

Alsta Hydrogel is potassium polyacrylate based hydrogel polymer is capable of absorbing and retaining water nearly up to 300 – 500 times of its own size which is then gently spared over a period of time to be available to the plants. Simple, right?

Since its inception in 2016, this product has gained quite a popularity, even to a page on Wikipedia. And guess what, it is available on all online portals near you, for you to try and help us make it better. With a view to reaching out to more people and making this product of ours more accessible to the general masses, where we are live on consumer friendly ecommerce platforms.

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