ALSTA Hydrogel- The best water gel for plants

ALSTA Hydrogel is an innovative superior quality high performance super absorbent polymer and water absorber based on cross-linked Potassium polyacrylate polymer.

Water absorbing materials present in ALSTA Hydrogel find widespread application in soil conditioning and as substrate enhancer in farming, agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, hydro-seeding, hydroponics etc. It helps retain large quantities of moisture and dissolved nutrients in soil at root zone and release 95% of the said water for direct uptake by root suction mechanism.

Benefits of ALSTA Hydrogel

  1. High capacity super absorbent polymer based water absorber

  2. Long lifetime operation in soil

  3. Water loss by runoff, leaching and evaporation reduces by 50%

  4. Reduces irrigation frequency

  5. Acts as a soil conditioner binding loose soil matter without excessive compaction

  6. Accelerates seedling germination and growth

  7. Reduces mortality rate of new saplings

  8. Reduces drought stress on plants

  9. Prevents soil erosion by water runoff

  10. Reduces quantity and application rate of fertilizers and pesticides

Key features of ALSTA Hydrogel

  1. Absorbs and retains water 500times its own weight

  2. Available as dry white granules and powder

  3. Non-toxic and biodegradable

  4. Easy to apply

  5. Long shelf and operational life

  6. Compatible with all soil and plant types

Operation and Application:

ALSTA Hydrogel for plants is composed of non-toxic potassium polyacrylate polymer network. In presence of water, the polymer chains absorb the moisture by osmosis and swell. The absorbed water forms the matrix of the gel and can remain stored intact for long periods of time. It neither evaporates, nor freezes. Water soluble nutrients and pesticides become part of the gel too and are slowly released as the water is used by the plant.

ALSTA Hydrogel is highly effective when used in large scale farming and agricultural applications particularly during germination and development of root system. It is greatly efficient in rainwater retention and can provide for irrigation delays without affecting plant yield. Irrespective of soil type, ALSTA Hydrogel ensures proper plant biomass development and growth. It helps prevent transplanting shocks, proper subsoil binding and aeration, reduce need for mulching, reduce period of germination, greatly reduces mortality, fertilizer and pesticide application etc.

Chemtex Speciality Ltd. a pioneer name in the field of specialty chemical manufacturers and suppliers globally presents ALSTA Hydrogel as a simple easy to use eco- friendly product that farmers and agronomists can effectively use to reduce water consumption without compromising on plant growth and yield and also as the best choice for growing lush green crops even in dry drought conditions.

Hydrogel for Plants

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