HYDROGEL AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGY-ALSTA Hydrogel is replacing rain-fed Agriculture and Irrigation Syst

Sustainable Irrigation practices, has drawn much attention recently all over the globe. Steady drop in available potable water has turned heads towards the agricultural industry; the major consumer of water. Development in irrigation technology alone has not been able to balance the water economics, specially in tropical countries that are dependent on the uncertainties of monsoons and uneconomical irrigation equipment.

Water is by far the most crucial resource for agricultural sectors. Scarcity of fresh water due to unreliable monsoons, seasonal temperature fluctuations, prolonged drought conditions and loss in topsoil fertility by erosion have all contributed to reduced crop yield in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. Super absorbent polymers (SAP) has revolutionized how water is stored and supplied to plants. The use of hydrogel in agriculture is a growing trend that is very well going to replace traditional irrigation practices as well as uneconomical and complicated machinery used for irrigation in large scale farming.


ALSTA HYDROGEL by Chemtex Speciality Limited is a revolutionary product in itself for conservation and optimum use of water for crops while reducing costs of irrigation, frequency of irrigation and most importantly, increasing crop yield even in unfavorable climatic conditions. It is a potassium polyacrylate based water absorbing polymer hydrogel for plants that can act as a water absorber storing water 400 times its own weight.

Hydrogel polymer works as water reservoirs round the root mass zones of the plant. It has a tendency to trap irrigation and rainwater that can then be collected, stored and gradually released for crop requirements over prolonged duration. This water absorbing material when mixed with soil increases soil permeability and improves germination rates. SAP for agriculture is compatible with a wide range and type of soils and thus has in general a tendency to increase plant performance and yield. Rain water retention, soil erosion by storm water run-offs, especially in sloped terrains can be greatly averted. ALSTA Hydrogel has evidently proved to decrease fruit & vegetable loss due to insect by around 10-30%.

Chemtex’s polyacrylate based plant gel for agriculture is a completely non-toxic biodegradable product and the hydrogel in manufacturer as well as farmer’s point of view has proven its efficiency time and again.

We proudly present to you ALSTA HYDROGEL, the economical and eco-friendly step to a better water management system for all types of agriculture systems, especially in arid and semi-arid regions without compromising with the crop yield.

Chemtex Speciality Limited founded back in the 1970's, has a history of expert solutions and technical support, with over thousands of clients globally.

Revolutionizing Irrigation with Super Absorbent Polymers in Agriculture. To learn more about Hydrogel, Call +91-8961-111-111 or email at info@hydrogelagriculture.com or visit www.hydrogelagriculture.com

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