Agriculture hydrogel water-absorbing polymer

Agriculture is the backbone of any developing country as they contribute a significant role to economical growth, along with achieving other essential development goals like ensuring food security and improving nutrition. It not only provides food security but also raises income among the people who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming.

Alsta Hydrogel Agriculture Hydrogel

Based on soil condition and climate, irrigation practices have changed with changes in farming technology, but still, there are maximum places that use age-old practices which not only reduce the effective use of water but also decrease the availability of crops. Due to irresponsible farming practices, infestations, and climate change, soil, water, and biodiversity are at risk.

With the fast decline of irrigation and continued expansion of population and economic activity in most states, which are located especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world are facing problems of uncertain and inadequate rainfall.

Water scarcity, Insufficient rainfall, and excessive irrigation lead to drought, financial loss, and other undesirable leads to lower productivity of crops, which increases the price rate.

Nowadays, water conservation is possible with the application of hydrogel polymer in agricultural fields. This formulation helps to solve the water-related problem, and also upgrades the soil texture. This polymer can be mixed with soil particles and swells up in contact with water. It starts releasing water when the conditions become dry, ensuring an uninterrupted water supply and normal growth. It acts as a water reservoir for plants and has the ability to trap irrigation and rainwater which can be released later at the time of requirement over prolonged durations.

Agriculture Hydrogel, a water-absorbing polymer is a polyacrylate-based super absorbent polymer for use as a water-retaining agent in drought-prone areas. These are Non-toxic, bio-degradable with no residues around, and operational life of over five years. This polymer has a super absorbent capacity and swells quickly to a larger degree. It absorbs aqueous solutions and soluble plant nutrients with the help of hydrogen bonds of water molecules. It absorbs water up to 400 - 500 times its own weight and releases water during the dry condition, influencing soil permeability, texture, and evaporation rate.

Chemtex manufactures hydrogel as the brand name of ALSTA HYDROGEL, enhancing water retaining ability. In addition to water, it will swell up and hold the water molecules for the future making the whole process cost-effective.

Advantages of using ALSTA HYDROGEL

· It is effectively useful in areas prone to drought.

· Ability to absorb a huge amount of water

· Compatible with all types of soil

· Decreases the use of fertilizers and pesticides

· Long lifetime operation in soil

· Non-Toxic, Biodegradable

· Long shelf and operational life

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