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Science and Technology has always given new ideas and innovations to the agricultural sector in order to improve crop production, incorporating new techniques to curb the losses caused due to uneven natural circumstances and changing the total scenario around the business. Today most of the farmers have brought changes in their farming style by applying advanced techniques under same available resources and enjoying considerable results. One such development is the introduction of water absorbent technology. This technology works as a temporary water storage for irrigational crops, providing assistance whenever required. Every study and research have shown that the present world is going through some of the major natural resource declining problem, Water being an important one of them. About 40% potable water is used by agricultural sectors and the sharp decline that has been observed in its availability has made every farmer think different ways on its conservation.

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What is Water Absorbent Technology?

Water Absorbent Technology through super absorbent polymer is one of the revolutionary as well as economical way to solve the water crisis in the irrigational field. The unique formulation of a super absorbent polymer not only solves the water related problem but also upgrade the soil texture upon its application. This polymer on contact with water swells up, making it behave like micro-tanks, imparting water retaining property to the roots of the plants, ensuring uninterrupted water supply and normal growth.

Let us go through some of the key attributes:

  • Higher rate of absorption in extreme conditions: Super Absorbent Polymer have high water retaining capacity and even in extreme conditions can hold water molecules for a longer time period.

  • Low soluble content and residual monomer: These polymers have maximum active ingredient content and very minimum soluble content which makes them very ideal for use in agro industries.

  • Re-usability: These polymers can be reused whenever it shrinks down which benefits the consumers both in terms of monetary benefits and product satisfaction.

  • Non-polluting and Biodegradable: Super Absorbent Polymer does not leave any toxic residue on application field nor have any polluting content in its composition.

How does it work?

Super Absorbent Polymer granules mix up between soil particles and on contact with water molecule, swells up forming beads owing to water absorbent technology. These beads release water to keep the surrounding conditions moist whenever the same starts drying up and the best part about using this polymer is its re-usability. Now, if these polymer granules are spread over the agricultural field beforehand, the irrigational water can be stored by these granules and released according to the requirement. This will help in two ways, water drainage will be less and the frequent requirement of surface water will reduce.

What makes it work?

Super absorbent polymer has a cross-linking molecular structure with a hydrophilic group attached, which absorbs water about 400-600 times of its own weight and acts as a replicated small reservoir of water. The polymer can be used to trap rain water which can be released later at the time of requirement over longer duration. This polymer has the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil which are utilized by plants for carrying out various physiological processes. One of the major advantages of super absorbent polymer is that it can be used on a wide variety of soils. Neither the polymer alters the chemical composition of soils on which it is applied, nor does it impair the action of applied biocides viz. fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, etc.

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